It’s Too Quiet…..

It’s almost deafening. The house seems eerily silent and at the same time, tranquil. No children loudly proclaiming unfairness during board games or shouting demands to give back borrowed toys. No constant begging for food, screen time, more food, ‘something to do’, etc. Just the occasional thinking-out-loud of the office worker in the guest bedroom. Peace…….calm……refrigerator humming…..birds chirping…….Amazon package plop at the front door……things I haven’t heard in quite some time. It can only mean one thing……


Since Spring Break, our kids have been home. Virtual school gave them something to do, but it was not exactly relaxing. Being essential, I was able to leave the house and go to work. Not vacation, as my dear poor housebound office worker wife would like to believe. She has been here Every. Single. Day. With. Them. I don’t think even she knew she had it in her. I’m super proud of her being able to work her normal 40 hour work week with kids in the house. When I was off shift, I’d distract the kids to allow her space and time to do what she needed to do. When I was away, she suppressed the urge to suffocate them until I got back. Thanks honey!

These poor kids were dying for something to do two weeks after ‘school’ ended. They enjoyed the freedom to draw, play games, watch some movies, play outside, and the like, but what they missed the most was socializing with kids their own age. We let them play with some of the neighborhood kids and a few of their other friends occasionally, but it was few and far between. Abundance of caution on everyone’s part.

They started yesterday while I was working and I was so busy that I didn’t get a chance to call home like I normally do after dinnertime to hear how their day went. Stef updated me this morning and said that they were ecstatic. They only knew one younger kid (daughter of our friends), but that never stopped our kids from making new best friends. The camp is mostly indoors, temperatures are taken at the start of the day, the staff is masked up and cleaning constantly, and the kids are frequently washing up themselves. The overall attendance is relatively small with only 15 kids between 3rd and 5th grade, which makes it a very easy decision to send them. Plus there’s the added bonus of the quiet house so Stef can work and I can get serious with my studying again.

These kids deserve so much more for the way they have bravely handled what has been asked of them during this pandemic. Not just the school work from home, but the missing of friends and milestone school events, having to wear masks in public, and trying to not touch everything. We have tried to be as truthful and honest about what is going on with them and they have responded admirably. Being able to let them be kids again is its own reward.

Having spent so much time with them, it will take a little time to adjust to not hearing crashes in the other room with a quick “I’m OK!” following after. In fact, I think I’ll appreciate their stories from camp a little more since we will have less shared experiences. I look forward to seeing the smiles on their faces from having a full day of activities and just a little bit of normalcy for now.



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