It’s hard to believe that a year ago everything was still relatively normal. It feels as though it was five years ago.

This past weekend, way back when, my wife and I were attending a wedding. With lots of people. Inside.

I’m just going to let that thought marinate for a moment.

Then the kids took off for the spring break that never ended. Oh, the home schooling memories…….I mean the distance learning nightmare.

A miasma of fear and unknowing surrounded all of us. Toilet paper became currency. Shelves were going empty from all the panic buying of everything from meat to baked beans. People who coughed in public were stared at like they were the plague bearers. Those that wore masks were accused of being sheeple. Politics became more divisive and accusatory. Unemployment skyrocketed. Friends and family getting sick with various results. Uncertainty loomed over the entire world. As far as pandemics go, this is the worst one I’ve been through. So far….

The global community screamed out for a cure. The global science community answered. There are four vaccines available now with many more on the way. There is a very good chance that we could be rounding 3rd and headed for home plate by May. This leaves us with a very good question: where do we go from here?

Will handshakes be a thing of the past? Will masks ever truly go away? What reverberations will remain from the giant rock that plunged into our pond? Can we really mend our political divide? Are the mental and emotional scars from this ever going to heal fully?

The answers lie in front of us, but are obscured in a fog. As we continue forward, hopefully they will come to life and give us the relief we all desperately crave. Release from the sadness, frustration, and unending torment of this invisible bane. We are getting closer, but not yet free from its grasp. Joyous reunions and better times await us soon, but not soon enough. I am anxious to close the book on this story.



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Cheyin Goglas

A native Floridian living in Tampa who has finally stopped worrying and learned to love the art of writing. More info available at