Cheyin Goglas
3 min readFeb 6, 2021


I originally opined this in May 2020. I stand steadfast with my words:

“I’ve been thinking on it all week and I can finally say it with confidence:

Tom Brady is not the answer. Why? I’ll give you 9 reasons why:

Brett Farve, Joe Montana, Warren Moon, Donovan McNabb, Drew Bledsoe, Joe Namath, Steve McNair, Jim McMahon, and Johnny Unitas.

They were all franchise quarterbacks for their respective teams until the end of their careers where they relocated in hopes of rekindling former glory. The only one out of that list who won another Super Bowl was McMahon, who served as back-up to Brett Farve in Green Bay. He never saw a snap in the big game, either.

I’m sure everyone reading this is screaming at their phone: “But he’s the G.O.A.T.!”

He was one piece in the spying, ball deflating, literally will-do-anything-to-win machine that is the Belichick Patriots. They will survive without Brady like roaches in a nuclear winter. Tom, however, is headed into a town with an offensive line that was not able to protect Jameis Winston on a regular basis. Yes, they have made some additions that should bolster the line, but you know how injuries can expose your second and third line deficiencies…..

He’ll have plenty of weapons to throw to and even brought his boy Gronk into the fold as well. Will they be able to pull a Peyton Manning and win a Super Bowl for his second team? Or end up being number ten on the aforementioned list?

The 2003 Buccaneers proved that the right talent motivated can accomplish anything. It wasn’t just one guy throwing the ball, it was the entire team that made it happen. This year, the guy flinging the rock has a chip on his shoulder and something to prove. Will that be enough to propel this team forward?

I will continue to watch the Swaggering Swashbucklers, but with trepidation. In the history of this franchise, I’ve never seen the ownership open their wallets except to collect money from the long suffering fans. This is a turn of events for certain and only the season will show whether or not this gamble will pay off. History says no. Big Nasty says hell yes. The real answer is in the locker room. It’s up to all of them, not just one guy.”

Well said, Cheyin of the Past. It really takes a whole team to get where the Bucs are now. No matter what happens Sunday, this town will be forever grateful for the magic that is the first ever home stadium Super Bowl. The checkbook pried open by the owners unlocked the gate to this possibility, but the way forward was paved brick by brick by every player and coach on that staff. Brady made them believe it could be done and they showed their faith by dusting themselves off mid-season to make an incredible run to the playoffs. Three road victories in a row got them here. Just one more game left. I am no more of a Brady fan now than I was 8 months ago, but I do have to say that he has certainly had an effect on this team like none I’ve ever seen. Wait, I take that back. I’ve seen it once before, but that was 17 years ago. That was then, this is now.

Fire the damn cannons already!



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