The Untread Trail

Life is not a highway. That would infer that the trail had not only been blazed before, but then paved over with planned rest stops along the way so you can fuel up and get beef jerky. Not only that, you’d already know your destination and what time you’d get there.

Life is more like multiple trials of perseverance and frequently a new trial starts before the last one ends. There’s no warning or a difficulty attached to the trials, they just placed in front of you. It’s up to you to decide how you want to get through it.

You can try to do it yourself. You can call all the shots, but you get to do all the work by yourself, too. You could phone a friend and get advice on the best way to move forward. You could also enlist that friend and other ones to help you through it to best utilize resources and time.

This works in both the physical realm when there are tasks to accomplish and also in the mental space where most of these trials take place. The mind is fraught with fear and anxieties. The What If’s and Should I’s overtake our I Will’s and Let’s Do These. Sometimes all it takes is to reach out to a trusted person in your family, blood related or not, and share the burden. Their insight and experience may surprise you, or you may be astonished that by simply talking, you can get out of your own head and make sense of the jumbled mass that was holding you back.

There is no limit to the amount of trials you could be going through at the same time. The important part is realizing that help is nearby and to utilize it before you become overwhelmed with more trials that are surely headed your way. We are all on different paths, but as long as we all are trying to help each other up, then we will have no other option than to succeed, and that makes the beef jerky taste so much more jerkier. Or beefier. I don’t know. I usually get the salted cashews.



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Cheyin Goglas

A native Floridian living in Tampa who has finally stopped worrying and learned to love the art of writing. More info available at